Boat Rollers

We have a number of types and sizes of boat rollers.

Side Roller

Our side roller is for a 16 mm shaft. We have this in a self aligning roller also. This can be made from most plastics to suit the customers needs.

These can be put onto anything, from jet skis to ten meter boats.


Keel Roller

We also make a keel roller which is made from a glass-filled nylon. This roller was developed for aluminum boats that have a sharp center keel. We developed this glass filled nylon roller so that the sharp keel wouldn’t split the roller in half and so the boats could easily sit on them without any damage to the roller or the boat.


Inside the Boat

For inside the boat, we make a bow roller, crayfish pot roller & anchor roller.


Rod holder

This goes into aluminium tube. We have 6 boat builders regularly using this. It can be driven onto the aluminium pipe with a hammer, saving time & production. Not only being effective in production, it is also good at keeping the fishing rods safe in the holder. 


Rose Joint

It has a bronze center, aluminium outside and weigh very little. These are used on jet boats, boats, race cars and our own trolley racers.

Can be made in left or right hand thread, metric or imperial. This one pictured is 12mm.

These can be made as a one off or in the 100’s.


Centering Roller 

We’ve machined these rollers out of solid nylon but we can make out of any plastic material required. The production tool for this will be ready very soon.