Custom Medical Items

Custom Medical Tools & Components

This crimping tool was made for an international surgeon to crimp wires together during an operation. These are handmade from surgical stainless steel.


Spinal Clips:

These spinal clips are bio-implants made for an operation for a laminoplasty to open the cervical spine individually and allow more movement with a compressed spine syndrome. Made from titanium.

This was a 6 year project to get it to a commercial reality stage. We worked closely with three main surgeons to develop this product.

We have made aneurysm “quick-kits”, prototyped eye-drains, machined screws for repairing the face & jaw.


Snore Aid

Our client came to us with a design for their snore-aid packaging, so working together, we tooled and manufactured this hard case for their product. These cases are quick and easy to put together for production and easily separated for cleaning. They are also made from 100% recyclable plastic.


Boat Rollers

We have a number of types and sizes of boat rollers.

Side Roller

Our side roller is for a 16 mm shaft. We have this in a self aligning roller also. This can be made from most plastics to suit the customers needs.

These can be put onto anything, from jet skis to ten meter boats.


Keel Roller

We also make a keel roller which is made from a glass-filled nylon. This roller was developed for aluminum boats that have a sharp center keel. We developed this glass filled nylon roller so that the sharp keel wouldn’t split the roller in half and so the boats could easily sit on them without any damage to the roller or the boat.


Inside the Boat

For inside the boat, we make a bow roller, crayfish pot roller & anchor roller.


Rod holder

This goes into aluminium tube. We have 6 boat builders regularly using this. It can be driven onto the aluminium pipe with a hammer, saving time & production. Not only being effective in production, it is also good at keeping the fishing rods safe in the holder. 


Rose Joint

It has a bronze center, aluminium outside and weigh very little. These are used on jet boats, boats, race cars and our own trolley racers.

Can be made in left or right hand thread, metric or imperial. This one pictured is 12mm.

These can be made as a one off or in the 100’s.


Centering Roller 

We’ve machined these rollers out of solid nylon but we can make out of any plastic material required. The production tool for this will be ready very soon. 

Promotional Products

3D Printed Cheese Grater

These will be a regular run-off for a customer this year.

We have a series of these novelty business cards happening!

Bottle Cap Opener & Clear Business Cards

Our bottlecap and ordinary clear business card. Made from clear poly-carbonate. Can be printed or engraved with your company details.  Something different when at your networking functions! 

We're also working on an ice scraper for your window screens which will be great for the colder months.


Bag Tags

Individual tags can be developed for any company. Shape, colour, printing, engraving, stickers. Come to ZoomTech with a design & we will price it for you.

“you dream it up, we’ll make it”

Dairy Industry

Acid Dispenser

This was a joint project between Aakland Chemicals & ZoomTech. The aim was to develop a product that helps farmers manage the acid line and vacuum line while giving an accurate measurement of acid for the farmer at his wash down. 

This system was designed, tooled and manufactured in-house at ZoomTech and is now distributed throughout the country. Not too many people can lay claim to that! This has been very successful project and is now an ongoing product of ours. 




Soil Tester

Contamination free soil testers help to get a contamination free sample. Developed with Oritain. We also developed the spade to insert these into the ground. We developed what they were after. They were taking two samples taking 2 tubes, storing one and testing one straight away.

This a far more accurate way of testing your soil.

Platform rollers

Our platform rollers are made from either billet or injection molded with harder plastic, some are composite molded. Most are custom made for individual customers.

Hose guides

We’ve developed simple hose guides to pull the hoses away from the cows feet when the automatic cup remover releases. We’ve been working with individual farmers on this item and there receiving great feedback.

In the pipeline

We are currently developing a molasses valve for feeding cows individually and are at trialing stage with a few sheds using them now.


This entire product was designed, tooled and built by our team in-house. Even the packaging robot that staples the bags together was designed and built by us!

We worked with a golf professional for almost a year designing and developing this golf tee.

By measuring the air travel using a computer animated directional wind tunnel, we found that having the grooves in the tee increased the ball speed as the pocket of air traveled in front of the golf club on impact, thus making the ball turn forward.

From the feedback we get from users of the golf tee, once they go onto the ZoomTee, they don’t tend to want to give it up. 

This product is available for colouring & branding to your specifications for the right quantity.

Contact us for more information. 

Custom Jewellery Design

Bracelet:  “Moon Craters”

Made from titanium, machined then hand rolled as custom made jewellery.

We worked with our client and listened to what he was after for a unique design. The jewelry is comfortable to wear and it is made to fit the wearer.

Titanium is a totally inert material so is 100% safe to wear and very strong so will not bend out of shape or corrode.