Zoomtech produces creative and innovative solutions:

While research and preparation are key, there is the chance that the more you research, the less you know and researching the "old" doesn't always move you forward. However being responsive to people, listening to their needs and their problem descriptions are a powerful strategy. I consider detail and line to be integral to quality. The design of your item affects your bottom line and is always a feature at the point of inception.

Our regular team is Richard, Mike and Janine.

Richard is our design engineer and Solidworks compute suite expert. Janine works with us part time and controls the administrative aspects of the office. 

From time to time, depending on the project, we contract in a range of specialists to build a comprehensive team to work a specific type of technology or issue.

Zoomtech is a high-tech engineering workshop based in Dunedin, NZ.

We offer extensive engineering knowledge, finish the work we start and excel with the challenges of problems for which solution are yet to be dreamed. We have a diverse depth of experience.

We offer a computer modelling design suite where we can customise parts specific to your needs, we offer comprehensive batch production capacity and specialty custom work. We operate regularly inside the niche of rapid prototyping with experience machining and working in metal and plastic technologies. 

We specialise in the following:

  • Computer design, drawing and 3D modeling
  • Custom Machining
  • Product innovation and revolution
  • Rapid Prototyping


The little things make a big difference. Repeat customers are your lifeblood and allow a freedom to get on with the fun stuff and projects that captivate the imagination. When your product is outside of a quality level you have one-off customers, when your product meets quality expectations you have repeat business and you build long-term friends. Often the smallest differences in process refinement and design generate consistency and have magnitude at the end of the day. The process steps of engineering (and life really) are executed in precise, calm, step-wise fashion; the sharp lesson of motorsport, a passion of our team, is that smoothest is fastest. 

'The long way is often the shortest way'

ZoomTech has broad industry sector experience


  • Design - The innovation and revolution of design through computer-modeling In mechanical design, we have worked on projects in the areas of health/sport/fitness design; automotive engineering and re-engineering for vintage, classic and racing vehicles; new technology (e.g. water pump, recycling of plastic); Plastic technology; Biomedical devices, and implants.
    The design of your item affects your bottom line and is always a feature at the point of inception, wind power, engines, specific machines custom made for the manufacture of your product and process, the whole gambit of repeat work and specific projects.
  • Medical /Dental - In the past we have designed and manufactured parts for bio-implants. Recently we have been working on designing more useful tools for everyday medical practices. Medical tools such as tweezers, hammers, pliers and grabs as well as packaging solutions for snoring aids and other items.
  • Automotive - Design and manufacture custom parts for all levels of projects. For motorsport, the custom-work at the level of parts or whole cars and all aspects of trolley racing. Machining new parts, such as flywheels, alter or manufacture bellhousings, re-positioning pressure plates or even custom design or build any other part needed.
  • Dairy - Working with those in agriculture, we have designed and developed a complete containment soil sampler for testing as well as acid dispensers, hose guides, platform rollers and one off rollers. 
  • Marine - Custom building replacement parts for your boat or trailer, improving on the old to make it lighter, smaller or more suited to your needs. We also make plastic or rubber bow, keel and wobbly rollers as well as rod holders and other aluminium parts. Working with boat builders and supplying custom parts to help make a vessel unique.
  • 1 offs, 10's, 100's or 1000's - Our production can be as big as filling containers for export or as small as a one off custom piece.
  • Packaging - Manufactured with recycled paper and plastic (re-cycled and virgin) or almost any other material you're dreaming of.

Our workshop primarily runs Solidworks, we also have the capacity to work in solidcam, mastercam. We have a 4-axis Kitamura CNC mill, with our most recent acquisition being a Viktor Taichung injection molder and a new 3D printer. We also have a lathe, mill and grinder capacity along with MIG and TIG welding expertise.

If you are interested in finding out more about us, do get in touch.